Berlin Zoo

So first things first.. if you plan on meeting somebody AT Berlin Zoo, remember that there are two main entrances. When you are told to meet somebody by the elephants you should know that there are real elephants and fake ‘stone’ elephants at one of the entrances. So… don’t sit down and wait by the wrong elephants.

ANYWAY.. Berlin Zoo. It was our first visit. I say first because I’m definitely going back; the place is huge! They have an enormous range of animals there. I was particularly pleased to see Polar Bears. They also had chickens. Yes you read correctly.. chickens. I’m not sure so don’t ask!

A Lion having a big poo

A Lion having a big poo

Like I said the zoo is huge. Most animals have a lot of room to roam around, however I felt a bit sorry for the big cats. The lions, tigers and cheetahs in particular had very small enclosures and were pacing back and forth. They seemed a little distressed and I don’t blame them. Another shock was to see huge eagles in relatively small cages. Shame on you Berlin Zoo.. SORT it out.

Other than that I thoroughly enjoyed the short three hours we spent there. I didn’t have a chance to draw anything because the zoo is so big and takes awhile to look around. I’m going to go back sometime next month and go on a painting rampage.

Monkey Island was really cool. I’ve seen Gorillas before, but it still shocks me how similar they are to us. Despite the initial confusion, the elephants were also really impressive; the zoo has quite a lot of them. I didn’t get to see the Grizzlies but there were some interesting Asian bears there. I also want to go back and watch the giraffes, they’re funny looking. The wolves are big, fluffy and white so my girlfriend loved them. The Panda was a bit preoccupied with arranging his carrots and apples when we saw him, but he was a pretty nice guy. The penguins and seals were also cool dudes.

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