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6 months of Lifedrawing!

In November 2011 I decided I needed to revisit my collage days at GCADT and learn life drawing again! I’d gotten very slow and rusty so bought a few books. I found Burn Hogarth’s ‘Dynamic Anatomy’ good for anatomy reference,

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Snob Cat Clarence – Modelling Monday

Ok I’ve made myself a task, every Monday I want to post up a new 3d model for a little while. I’m trying to learn modelling properly and just like sketching the more you do it the better you get

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Sketching in two more Berlin museums

I’ve been sketching in┬áNationale Historische Museum and┬áDeutsche Historische Museum. Here are a few pages!

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David Talloy Thomas

Greetings! I'm David Thomas, a 3D animator from the UK. Now I live and work as an animator in Paris. I'll use this blog from time to time to as a sketchbook and talk about animation or what I'm up to. Check out my showreel if you've got a minute and drop me a comment or message if you want to chat! student