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June Sketchbook

I’ve got a tendency to keep everything I do in sketchbooks where nobody ever sees it… so I’m going to try to put some of it up now and again. Here are some of the things I’ve been up to

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Sketches from Berlin

A few months ago I went to Berlin on an animation internship at Animas Film. A big thank you to them for having me and teaching me to cook as well as animate! Anyway… I thought I’d finally compile some

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Clive the Chicken – Modelling Monday

Soooo…. my lady Polly Love decided to buy six chickens and keep them in her garden. I of course had to model a chicken this week. This is based on the laziest chicken Polly has; her name is ‘Clive’ and

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Mr Frog – Modelling Monday

OK here’s this Monday’s model. I went for it again and modelled a whole character. I also managed to rig his face and limbs which is awesome! Learned quite a lot from doing this, especially on texturing. I haven’t actually

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David Talloy Thomas

Greetings! I'm David Thomas, a 3D animator from the UK. Now I live and work as an animator in Paris. I'll use this blog from time to time to as a sketchbook and talk about animation or what I'm up to. Check out my showreel if you've got a minute and drop me a comment or message if you want to chat! student