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FMX 2013: Aardman talks dirty

Aardman do CG as well as stop motion. They work on commercials, games and features. Aardman also allow artists at the company to make their own personal projects as they believe it opens the door to innovation. They covered many

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FMX 2013: CG Animation for TV – Shuzo John Shiota

Not many people saw Shuzo John Shiota’s lecture ‘CG Animation for TV’ and it’s a real shame because it was one of the better lectures. He talked about the business side of TV animation and also about workflow. It was

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Acting Workshops at FMX – Ed Hooks & Dörthe Eikelberg

It’s been a week since I got back from FMX 2013 in Stuttgart so I’ll catch up on a few of the blog posts I intended to write! The first is about the two main series of acting workshops that

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