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Last summer I began a sequence shot animation called Mistake. I finished this a little while ago so thought I would post it up here! The main things I was exploring in this shot (besides sequencing shots) was focusing on body attitudes, creating big dynamic changes in action and also exploring stronger posing with more cartoon style timing. It has been interesting to see it develop from the original idea, maybe I will post the progression up one day. I’d just come back from the FMX festival in Germany and was inspired by Chip Lotierzo’s lecture there to try planning out the action with a Laban Movement Theory. It helped me loads and I’ve now been using it for close to a year because it is so good for planning. I’d definitely recommend looking it up. I was also inspired by Ed Hooks’ lecture at FMX to write more detailed character profiles and scene setups, which helped me a great deal with the acting. Visually, I began with thumbnails to map out the major story points, then sequenced that into an animatic before shooting reference. I did several reference takes with myself and my girlfriend (thank you Polly)! Shooting reference for the bit where he falls into the lamppost at the end was particularly memorable… note to self – cartoon characters don’t hurt themselves, you do! After that I went through blocking, spline and polish until I was satisfied with the result. Because I wanted such extreme poses and timings I needed to exaggerate the action more than usual (especially for him). It was a very fun and rewarding experience.

Many thanks to the awesome Ken Fountain, who was my mentor during workshop 6 at iAnimate while I did this shot. The rigs used here are from Long Winter Studios and are really great to use. The are a little different to iAnimate’s (especially with the face setup) but just as good in their own way. I learned a lot doing this and I’m really happy with how it turned out! I hope you enjoy it too.

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