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Finding appealing poses in classical art galleries

Today I went to Gemäldegalerie Berlin, which is a huge gallery of classical art near Potzdamer Platz. It’s lesser known than the museums/galleries at Museum Island but is packed full of legendary art so well worth a visit. I didn’t plan

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Pictoplasma Festival – Berlin 2014

This weekend I went to take a look around some of the Pictoplasma showcases here in Berlin. It’s a cool illustration / animation festival Polly Love told me about and also holds workshops (Pictoplasma Academy) for illustrators. The focus of

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FMX 2014

Well the journey to Stuttgart wasn’t so painful this time. I flew from Berlin this time which was a considerably shorter journey than my 21 hour coach trip from Cardiff last year! The festival was amazing but I’ll try and

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Keyframe MP – The animator’s new media player!

I wouldn’t usually blog about a company’s product but this one is an exception. Chris Zubrigg has made a media player called Keyframe MP especially for animators and it totally kicks Quicktime Pro’s ass! After using this you won’t want

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Moved to Berlin!

I now live in Berlin! I’m not sure how long for this time but I really loved it here when I worked here before so I’m looking forward to the coming months A few exciting things are happening soon. In

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John Cleese on Creativity

I found this talk really inspiring. It’s an old video of John Cleese talking about creativity. He goes through a number of different theories on what helps / hinders creativity.

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FMX 2014 – ticket office is open!

It was my first time going to FMX last year so I’ve been waiting eagerly for the tickets to become available for 2014. Well now they finally are and I’ve got mine already. For any other iAnimate students, there might

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Software for Animators with insomnia!

If you are like me and study an online animation course whilst maintaining a day job, you are likely to have experienced a little difficulty getting to sleep from time to time. This is because you might come home from

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Progress Reel for WS4 at iAnimate

Sooo after several months of hard work, here is my progress reel for workshop 4 of iAnimate. I’ve really enjoyed learning more about lip sync and facial acting. Luke Randall has been an awesome tutor and as usual the whole

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For all Maya animators who have a lot of lag after updating

Recently I upgraded to Maya 2014 on a mac and now have lagging problems. I thought initially it must be my computer even though it ran fine before. However today I learned that it is a bug with Maya and

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