A long overdue update!

Wow it’s been a very long time. I’d make updating this blog more often my new year’s resolution if I believed in new year’s resolutions! In any case I’d like to imagine that I will update it more often in future.

The Secret Life of Pets came out earlier this year. It was a massive success and I’m very proud to have worked on it. If you watch it, you can see one of my shots immediately as the film opens. I animated the crowds of people that walk over Brooklyn Bridge and through Central Park as the camera flies through the city. Two other memorable shots are near the end of the film where 200 spiders run over a car. I had to animate the spiders. 200 x 8 legs, yes it was a lot! I’ll put up a reel of my crowd work from the film eventually.

Now I work in the short films and marketing department of the studio. I worked on the opening of the Norman short here, it’s the first thing you see (where he winks and turns on the sign):

I hope to get a more up-to-date showreel out soon! I did some cool work for the short films of the upcoming movie ‘Sing!’ and am waiting for the footage to become available.

I feel like I’ve grown a lot as an animator since arriving at the studio but I haven’t stopped learning. I never will. Right now I’m trying to improve my drawing skills. Perhaps that will be my next update, drawings!

I have also started writing stories in my spare time. Not necessarily for animation. It’s very enjoyable. I came into animation because I love storytelling, so writing is another way I have found of expressing myself. It’s great.

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The Secret Lives of Pets

The first posters and the trailer of the film I’m animating on are out, so I can finally share the news!  The title of the film is Secret Life of Pets and it will be out next year. I’m very excited about the movie so it’s great to see it starting to create some hype :)


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New job at Illumination Mac Guff!


So far this year is going very very well!! I’m now working at Illumination Mac Guff on their next film. Not The Minions, but one equally as awesome :D My first week has been amazing and it is as good to work there as I imagined it would be. I feel as happy to be here as this Minion looks with his bunch of bananas.

Paris is a beautiful city too! Currently trying to learn enough french to survive!!!

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1st place at 11 Second Club

Wow, so I finally participated in the 11 Second Club last month and was delighted to learn that I came first place out of 228 other entries. Thank you very much to everybody who voted for me, it means a lot :) There were a lot of other awesome entries last month too so I feel very fortunate to have won.

I plan to do more work on this shot before I release it properly but to see what I entered to the competition you can go here: http://www.11secondclub.com/competitions/march15/winner

Screen Shot 2015-04-07 at 22.17.29

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Rotate Mode Hotkey for Maya

A few months ago I posted this code snippet to automate switching between move axis settings in Maya. I also find myself switching between local and gimbal rotation modes a lot.. especially when working between IK/FK controllers. SO… here is some code to do that as well. It is much easier to work without opening the tools panel all the time, so I recommend saving it as a hotkey.

Again, paste this as plain text into a text editor before pasting it into Maya to avoid errors:

int $RotateAxis = `manipRotateContext -q -mode Rotate`;
if ($RotateAxis == 0 || $RotateAxis == 1) {
manipRotateContext -e -mode 2 Rotate;
print "Gimbal rotation mode has been set";
} else if ($RotateAxis == 2) {
manipRotateContext -e -mode 0 Rotate;
print "Local rotation mode has been set";

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Finished iAnimate!

In December I finished iAnimate’s Feature Workshop program. I had spent over two years being trained by amazingly talented animators from some of the best feature studios around. Special thanks to Jason, Bill, Tim, Paul, Luke, Jacob, Ken and Ted who have all helped me become a better animator. I can’t recommend iAnimate enough, it exceeded all of my expectations and it has been the best learning experience I’ve ever had. I thoroughly enjoyed the workshops and I’m actually rather sad that I’ve come to the end. But I’m also very excited about what comes next in my journey.

This is my final reel from iAnimate, I hope you enjoy it:

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Mistake: WS6 Animation at iAnimate

Last summer I began a sequence shot animation called Mistake. I finished this a little while ago so thought I would post it up here! The main things I was exploring in this shot (besides sequencing shots) was focusing on body attitudes, creating big dynamic changes in action and also exploring stronger posing with more cartoon style timing. It has been interesting to see it develop from the original idea, maybe I will post the progression up one day. I’d just come back from the FMX festival in Germany and was inspired by Chip Lotierzo’s lecture there to try planning out the action with a Laban Movement Theory. It helped me loads and I’ve now been using it for close to a year because it is so good for planning. I’d definitely recommend looking it up. I was also inspired by Ed Hooks’ lecture at FMX to write more detailed character profiles and scene setups, which helped me a great deal with the acting. Visually, I began with thumbnails to map out the major story points, then sequenced that into an animatic before shooting reference. I did several reference takes with myself and my girlfriend (thank you Polly)! Shooting reference for the bit where he falls into the lamppost at the end was particularly memorable… note to self – cartoon characters don’t hurt themselves, you do! After that I went through blocking, spline and polish until I was satisfied with the result. Because I wanted such extreme poses and timings I needed to exaggerate the action more than usual (especially for him). It was a very fun and rewarding experience.

Many thanks to the awesome Ken Fountain, who was my mentor during workshop 6 at iAnimate while I did this shot. The rigs used here are from Long Winter Studios and are really great to use. The are a little different to iAnimate’s (especially with the face setup) but just as good in their own way. I learned a lot doing this and I’m really happy with how it turned out! I hope you enjoy it too.

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iAnimate School Showreel 2014

This year’s iAnimate showreel has just come out in time for CTN in LA and four of my shots are in it! Some of them I haven’t put online yet so this is the first peek at a small selection of the new animations I’ll be releasing soon. Everybody has amazing work in the reel this year so check it out if you have some time, it’s very entertaining :)

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Move Axis Hotkey for Maya

I have this small snippet of code (MEL) to make changing the Move tool’s axis from ‘World’ to ‘Local’ quicker. It’s best used by setting it as a hotkey under ‘Hotkey Editor’ – I use the ‘M’ key. It’s so much easier to change the move axis by just pressing a key and it’s surprising how much time it saves.

Copy the code into a text editor as plain text before you past it into Maya otherwise you’ll get an error.

int $MoveAxis = `manipMoveContext -q -mode Move`;
if ($MoveAxis == 0) { manipMoveContext -e -mode 2 Move;
print "World move axis has been set"; } else if ($MoveAxis == 2) { manipMoveContext -e -mode 0 Move; print "Object move axis has been set"; }

Also see how to create a Rotate Mode Hotkey here.

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Faux Images: Berlin

Today I went to the 13th Faux Images event. I found out about it earlier this week and it’s a really nice free event where some motion graphics / animation / interactive art companies come to give a night of lectures and showcases. The event happens every couple of months here in Berlin. It’s mostly commercial animation / vfx but it’s well worth going to (not least because it’s free)!

There were a few great companies here today, including a really cool animation/motion graphics company called We Think Things from Hamburg. They have a very cool style and were talking about how they are slowly incorporating more 3D techniques for their work (they were primarily 2D artists).

Faux Images Berlin

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