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A long overdue update!

Wow it’s been a very long time. I’d make updating this blog more often my new year’s resolution if I believed in new year’s resolutions! In any case I’d like to imagine that I will update it more often in

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The Secret Lives of Pets

The first posters and the trailer of the film I’m animating on are out, so I can finally share the news!  The title of the film is Secret Life of Pets and it will be out next year. I’m very excited about

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New job at Illumination Mac Guff!

So far this year is going very very well!! I’m now working at Illumination Mac Guff on their next film. Not The Minions, but one equally as awesome My first week has been amazing and it is as good to

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1st place at 11 Second Club

Wow, so I finally participated in the 11 Second Club last month and was delighted to learn that I came first place out of 228 other entries. Thank you very much to everybody who voted for me, it means a

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Rotate Mode Hotkey for Maya

A few months ago I posted this code snippet to automate switching between move axis settings in Maya. I also find myself switching between local and gimbal rotation modes a lot.. especially when working between IK/FK controllers. SO… here is

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Finished iAnimate!

In December I finished iAnimate’s Feature Workshop program. I had spent over two years being trained by amazingly talented animators from some of the best feature studios around. Special thanks to Jason, Bill, Tim, Paul, Luke, Jacob, Ken and Ted who

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Mistake: WS6 Animation at iAnimate

Last summer I began a sequence shot animation called Mistake. I finished this a little while ago so thought I would post it up here! The main things I was exploring in this shot (besides sequencing shots) was focusing on

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iAnimate School Showreel 2014

This year’s iAnimate showreel has just come out in time for CTN in LA and four of my shots are in it! Some of them I haven’t put online yet so this is the first peek at a small selection

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Move Axis Hotkey for Maya

I have this small snippet of code (MEL) to make changing the Move tool’s axis from ‘World’ to ‘Local’ quicker. It’s best used by setting it as a hotkey under ‘Hotkey Editor’ – I use the ‘M’ key. It’s so much

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Faux Images: Berlin

Today I went to the 13th Faux Images event. I found out about it earlier this week and it’s a really nice free event where some motion graphics / animation / interactive art companies come to give a night of lectures

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