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Faux Images: Berlin

Today I went to the 13th Faux Images event. I found out about it earlier this week and it’s a really nice free event where some motion graphics / animation / interactive art companies come to give a night of lectures

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Finding appealing poses in classical art galleries

Today I went to Gemäldegalerie Berlin, which is a huge gallery of classical art near Potzdamer Platz. It’s lesser known than the museums/galleries at Museum Island but is packed full of legendary art so well worth a visit. I didn’t plan

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Pictoplasma Festival – Berlin 2014

This weekend I went to take a look around some of the Pictoplasma showcases here in Berlin. It’s a cool illustration / animation festival Polly Love told me about and also holds workshops (Pictoplasma Academy) for illustrators. The focus of

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Sketchclub Week 3

These are my sketches from last week’s sketchclub.. bit late uploading them! Last week I tried to simplify even more and also sort out an issue where I’d sometimes ignore my line of action after drawing it. I also tried

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Sketchclub Week 2

These are the sketches I did this week in our lifedrawing club at iAnimate. Last week was my first time there and the feedback I got was that I was trying to draw too much in the short 30 /

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August Sketchbook

Sooooooo… sketches. This month Polly, Max (my dog) and I went to a dog show and met a sheepdog who liked to dress as batman. Max was quite jealous of him and also Super Murphy, a Pitbull who wears a

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July (Italy) Sketchbook

Here’s some stuff from my sketchbook last month (July 2012). I’ve been on holiday so it’s all from Italy… and it’s mostly of the interesting buildings there! I had a really great time and saw about a billion castles which

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June Sketchbook

I’ve got a tendency to keep everything I do in sketchbooks where nobody ever sees it… so I’m going to try to put some of it up now and again. Here are some of the things I’ve been up to

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Sketches from Berlin

A few months ago I went to Berlin on an animation internship at Animas Film. A big thank you to them for having me and teaching me to cook as well as animate! Anyway… I thought I’d finally compile some

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6 months of Lifedrawing!

In November 2011 I decided I needed to revisit my collage days at GCADT and learn life drawing again! I’d gotten very slow and rusty so bought a few books. I found Burn Hogarth’s ‘Dynamic Anatomy’ good for anatomy reference,

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