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The Secret Lives of Pets

The first posters and the trailer of the film I’m animating on are out, so I can finally share the news!  The title of the film is Secret Life of Pets and it will be out next year. I’m very excited about

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Rotate Mode Hotkey for Maya

A few months ago I posted this code snippet to automate switching between move axis settings in Maya. I also find myself switching between local and gimbal rotation modes a lot.. especially when working between IK/FK controllers. SO… here is

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Move Axis Hotkey for Maya

I have this small snippet of code (MEL) to make changing the Move tool’s axis from ‘World’ to ‘Local’ quicker. It’s best used by setting it as a hotkey under ‘Hotkey Editor’ – I use the ‘M’ key. It’s so much

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Moved to Berlin!

I now live in Berlin! I’m not sure how long for this time but I really loved it here when I worked here before so I’m looking forward to the coming months A few exciting things are happening soon. In

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John Cleese on Creativity

I found this talk really inspiring. It’s an old video of John Cleese talking about creativity. He goes through a number of different theories on what helps / hinders creativity.

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Sketching in two more Berlin museums

I’ve been sketching in Nationale Historische Museum and Deutsche Historische Museum. Here are a few pages!

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Altes National Gallery

Es war Donnerstag gestern, so air zu win Museum gegangen. We were going to go to the Neu Museum, but it closed at 7.30pm (not enough time to look around if you get there after work). The Pergemon also closes

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Museums, theatres and Ratimal

This week has been a fairly cultural week. I have been roasting all through the weekend because we’ve had such gut Wetter. Yesterday it reached 29ºC so some of us went for a grill at Templehof Park (a huge park

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Sketching at the zoo and sauerkraut

On Sunday we took my sister to Maurpark and the Zoo. I had chance to sketch this time. Some sketches: Oh…. and I’ve finally tried sauerkraut. It was part of a dish called ‘Horse Droppings on Hay’ (which was also

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Gomez und Paprika

Am Dienstag I did two worthwhile things. I went to the Turkish Market (U-Bahn Schönleinstraße). I may not have mentioned it on here before, but I have a problem with peppers. I can’t seem to stop eating them… anyway, said peppers

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David Talloy Thomas

Greetings! I'm David Thomas, a 3D animator from the UK. Now I live and work as an animator in Paris. I'll use this blog from time to time to as a sketchbook and talk about animation or what I'm up to. Check out my showreel if you've got a minute and drop me a comment or message if you want to chat! student