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Faux Images: Berlin

Today I went to the 13th Faux Images event. I found out about it earlier this week and it’s a really nice free event where some motion graphics / animation / interactive art companies come to give a night of lectures

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FMX 2013: Aardman talks dirty

Aardman do CG as well as stop motion. They work on commercials, games and features. Aardman also allow artists at the company to make their own personal projects as they believe it opens the door to innovation. They covered many

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FMX 2013: CG Animation for TV – Shuzo John Shiota

Not many people saw Shuzo John Shiota’s lecture ‘CG Animation for TV’ and it’s a real shame because it was one of the better lectures. He talked about the business side of TV animation and also about workflow. It was

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FMX 2013: Le Big Shift & Future of the VFX Industry

Well everybody who hasn’t been living under a rock has heard about the massive problems emerging this year with the animation and VFX industry. FMX decided to tackle this by organising a series of lectures to discuss this, possible solutions

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FMX 2013: Wreck it Ralph – Bringing Characters to life

So I’m in Stuttgart at the moment! There’s an animation festival and series of very good conferences here so I thought I’d come along to see it all. Yesterday was my first day at FMX, I spent all day there

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iAnimate Workshop 2 Showreel

AHH! It’s done it’s done! Here is my work from Feature Workshop 2 of iAnimate. I’m really happy with how it turned out and learned loads this semester. I’m working on one more shot with a dog before the end

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Clive the Chicken – Modelling Monday

Soooo…. my lady Polly Love decided to buy six chickens and keep them in her garden. I of course had to model a chicken this week. This is based on the laziest chicken Polly has; her name is ‘Clive’ and

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Mr Frog – Modelling Monday

OK here’s this Monday’s model. I went for it again and modelled a whole character. I also managed to rig his face and limbs which is awesome! Learned quite a lot from doing this, especially on texturing. I haven’t actually

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Snob Cat Clarence – Modelling Monday

Ok I’ve made myself a task, every Monday I want to post up a new 3d model for a little while. I’m trying to learn modelling properly and just like sketching the more you do it the better you get

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