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Museums, theatres and Ratimal

This week has been a fairly cultural week. I have been roasting all through the weekend because we’ve had such gut Wetter. Yesterday it reached 29ºC so some of us went for a grill at Templehof Park (a huge park

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Am Sunday wir zu Potsdam gegangen, es ist halb Stunde von Berlin. Es war ein sehr schönen tag und das Wetter war gut. Ich war glücklich. Auf dem Zug wir die Grünwald gesehen. Es ist groß und schön! Ich denke waren

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Berlin Zoo

So first things first.. if you plan on meeting somebody AT Berlin Zoo, remember that there are two main entrances. When you are told to meet somebody by the elephants you should know that there are real elephants and fake

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David Talloy Thomas

Greetings! I'm David Thomas, a 3D animator from the UK. Now I live and work as an animator in Paris. I'll use this blog from time to time to as a sketchbook and talk about animation or what I'm up to. Check out my showreel if you've got a minute and drop me a comment or message if you want to chat! student