Review: Huion 1060 Plus (by a 3D Animator)

Huion 1060 Plus Graphics Tablet

Review: Huion 1060 Plus (by a 3D Animator)

Does this cheaper graphics tablet stand up to its biggest rival, Wacom?

My trusty old Wacom Bamboo tablet finally gave out on me. Well actually it didn’t… Wacom just stopped making new drivers for it. I decided to try out Huion’s 1060 Plus, a budget graphics tablet that at the time costed around €110. I needed an A4 sized drawing area to paint pictures and use Autodesk Maya. Huion 1060 Plus seemed to tick all my boxes.

The tablet itself is 50cm x 30cm. It comes with an SD card to backup work, a pen, spare nibs and a two fingered glove. It feels pretty solid and not as ‘cheapy’ as I thought it would. The main tablet doesn’t compare to the latest Wacom Intuos models in premium feel… but that’s to be expected. Likewise the packaging isn’t as fancy… but honestly who cares. The weakest link is the Huion pen that comes with the tablet. It feels too light and made of cheap plastic. I dislike the weight of it because it doesn’t feel well balanced. The pen is heavy at the top near the ‘eraser’ and light towards the nib. To me the weight should be opposite. Not a huge deal but important for some people.

The doesn’t take long at all to install, it’s pretty easy. I got it working with my two monitors in a few clicks and off I went. Everything is controlled from the Huion application, which is intuitive enough for most people to use.

How does the Huion 1060 Plus work with normal Windows use?

The tablet responds well to all of the programs I’ve used it with. I use it on a fairly old laptop with Windows 10 installed. It’s very responsive and doesn’t lag at all when I use it.

One of the more lame things about using the tablet on Windows is that I need to keep ‘Windows Ink’ active to use the tablet’s full range of sensitivity. Windows Ink is a pain in the ass because it sometimes forces the tablet to respond in weird ways. For example, I find myself often having to close pop-up keyboards whenever I click on text boxes to type. Likewise in the default image viewer software of windows, I’m always having to close the annotation tool. These are minor grievances though because for the most part the tablet works great in Windows.

How does the Huion graphics tablet work in Photoshop?

I guess most people are wanting to paint with this tablet. To keep things short, the tablet works just as well as Wacom in Photoshop as far as I am concerned. The sensitivity is great, meaning I can get a huge variation in line pressure. I’ve used the tablet to touch up photographs, paint pictures and sketch.

One minor problem I’ve noticed is that whenever I disconnect the Huion tablet from the computer while Photoshop is running. When I disconnect,

How does the Huion tablet work in Autodesk Maya?

Again, the tablet works great. I have no compatibility issues with Maya 2015, 2016, 2017 or 2018. The only problem I’ve encountered is occasionally I’ll unexpectedly undock a panel or move the window around. That’s nitpicking though, it works great.

The rechargeable pen

The biggest pain in the ass is the rechargeable pen that Huion have made. It works really well but it has to be recharged. The pen lasts for a long time without being charged. I’m talking about weeks. Yet it’s happened a few times that the tablet wasn’t working and I had to go find the recharge cable before I proceed. It plugs into the computer via USB to charge and you can still use it while it’s charging. For me it isn’t a deal breaker but I’d still prefer not to have to dig out extra cables.

What’s it like to wear the two fingered glove to use the graphics tablet?

The lame looking two fingered glove is actually really nice to use. I used to hate it with my Wacom that after some time I’d get a shiny service to the tablet from the normal build up of sweat from the hand. With a glove on, this doesn’t happen. I haven’t had to clean the Huion for that reason once since I’ve had it. The glove also makes moving my hand across the tablet’s surface smoother and easier.

Of course you could just buy a glove to use with your Wacom… but I think it’s cool that Huion includes one.

What about the SD card slot on the Huion tablet?

Since installing the Huion software from it, I’ve literally never used the SD card that my Huion tablet came with. The concept is that you can back up your work to the SD card in the tablet. I really have no idea why you’d want to do that or why it’s useful. For me it’s a pain in the ass because whenever I insert the tablet into the computer, a file explorer window pops up with the contents of the SD card. I just need my graphics tablet to be a graphics tablet. So for me this feature doesn’t need to be there. A gimmick.


This particular Huion tablet won’t do Wacom too much harm. It’s rechargeable pen with the bad weight distribution still make Wacom a preferable option (if you have the cash). I’d still highly recommend the Huion 1060 Plus though, because it performs well in all of the most important areas.

Review of the Huion 1060 Plus

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